What Factors Destroy Your Immunity to Disease?

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The factors that destroy the immunity are becoming more and more numerous, and without eliminating them, the desired resistance of the body cannot be obtained. It’s often much harder to neglect this and deal with a health crisis when it happens. It’s like preparing for a very important exam only the night before, when you had months and years instead, to properly prepare for it. The outcome will not necessarily be the one you expect.

Harmful Effects In Utero and At Birth.

The harmful effect that already appears in the uterus is a less debated topic, but extremely important. Blood tests have shown that babies have already been exposed to more than 200 toxic chemicals in utero. Cellular denaturation has intensified over the last 10 years. Toxic environments alter cell function in depth, in cell epigenetics. Genetically modified foods are increasingly altering DNA; their toxins and those released into the environment are now contained in the DNA of babies in much of the world.

Pesticides and heavy metals like mercury, strontium, uranium and arsenic are transmitted by the mother to the child. Both parents can transmit a toxic material to the baby, as long as their diet is toxic and processed, if they take drugs, if they live in a polluted environment, and use hygiene, cosmetics and household products with toxic ingredients.

In traditional peoples birth happens as a normal phenomenon and without clinical complications, which is mainly due to the robust health of women. In modern society, the medical intervention involved in the birth process has become ridiculous, exaggerated and humiliating for millions of otherwise healthy women, but who are scared daily that they are not able to give birth without cesarean section, drugs and other invasive medical procedures. On the other hand, however, medical intervention is unfortunately necessary for another category of women, who due to poor health and lack of proper training prior to conception, do not manage to give birth otherwise.

But what happens after birth? 80 percent of the immune system’s function is found in the ecosystem of bacteria in the intestines. Because babies are born with a sterile digestive system, it is essential for them to obtain beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms, by normal vaginal birth and further by breastfeeding. It is logical that without these processes any baby will suffer. The denial of this reality and the refusal to take measures in this regard for the adults in the future, will only cause an alarming growth of the sick population.

Milk Formula.

Milk formual has become one of the most toxic foods. The commercial formulas may contain copper sulphate, a herbicide, fungicide and common pesticide. Often, powdered milk also contains substances that not even adults should consume: hydrogenated oils, fructose corn syrup, genetically modified organisms. A worrying element is the manganese found in high concentrations in milk formula and especially in soy milk powder, compared to breast milk. An increased level of manganese has been correlated with behavioral problems later in life, such as ADHD. Babies are not able to absorb and excrete manganese in the first year of life.

A study by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) in the United States found percolate in 15 brands of milk powder. Percolate is a derivative of rocket fuel. Other contaminants found were melamine, dioxin and BPA.

Nutrients that are destroyed, bioavailable, altered or inhibited in commercial milk powder, but are present in breast milk, make up a significant list: anti-microbial enzymes, beneficial lactobacilli, essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, bacteria that produce lactase, delicate proteins, bio-available vitamins, bio-available calcium and phosphorus, phosphatase enzyme, oligosaccharides, lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, IgA and IgG antibodies, bifidus, gamma-interferon, fibronectin factors.

Given these issues, powdered milk cannot be considered a healthy baby food. Unfortunately, many of the side effects can be seen later in life and become serious over time: low immunity to disease, gastrointestinal problems and altered bowel flora are the most common.


This controversial topic has been hotly debated in recent years, following the myriad of health problems and adverse effects that have arisen from the administration of vaccines. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, one of the international experts in the field of vaccination, explains the situation very clearly:

We are inject animal cells, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and viruses into our bodies, then call it “prevention”, expecting shots to keep us well. Why have we allowed fear of illness to over-ride our common sense? Do we expect to always be happy, always be sniffle-free? Have we lost our minds, believing for more than 200 years that an injection can actually keep us well?

We have exchanged chicken pox for autism, flu for asthma, ear infections for diabetes…and the list goes on and on. In the zeal to eliminate relatively benign microbes, we have traded temporary illnesses for pervasive, life-long diseases, disorders, dysfunctions and disabilities.

Processed Food.

The diseases are frequently caused by the consumption of processed foods, refined, toxic, and pro-inflammatory vegetable oils, potentially toxic and even carcinogenic substances, foods produced industrially containing herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and products from animals grown industrially with steroids, antibiotics, food with mycotoxins (very harmful toxins from cereal mold) and other toxic additives.

Cheap and affordable prices are enough to trick people into believing that widely used chemical blends in today’s stores can be accepted as food. Just because it can be chewed, does not mean it fulfills its purpose. In this way the body will be in a continuous deficiency of essential nutrients in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Sterile Environment.

Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization and developed the disease-causing microbe theory. He caused great harm to humanity, which he could not foresee at that time. In its simplest form, the microbial theory assumes that the body is sterile and that microbes cause disease. The medical community has begun to look for the perfect pill to kill the microbe. This concept has been deeply implemented in medicine and medical research. Most research is aimed at developing the perfect pill for a particular disease. In this way, the responsibility for health was taken on the individual. If microbes in the air cause disease, then the medical community must find the answer. The dramatic change in human health is a sobering proof of how devastating this paradigm for society has been. Conventional medicine, pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies producing a wide range of toxic drugs against microbes have blossomed overnight. But human health is worse than ever.

The concept of exposing people to microbes at an early age to develop immunity is known as the hygiene hypothesis. Various medical researchers have suggested that the hygiene hypothesis explains the global increase in autoimmune diseases and allergies in the urban environment. It has also been suggested that this hypothesis explains the changes that have taken place in society and in exposures in the environment, such as antibiotics at an early age.

The researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) conducted a study that provides evidence in favor of the hygiene hypothesis, as well as the possible mechanism by which this is possible. The study was published online in the journal Science, on the Science Express Web site in 2012. The researchers found that mice that were not exposed to microbes had pronounced inflammation of the lungs and colon, similar to asthma and colitis. This fact was due to hyperactivity of a unique class of immune T cells, which were correlated with affections in both mice and humans. Exposure of mice to microbes in the first weeks of life, but without exposure in adult life, led to a normalization of the immune system and a prevention of diseases.

A sterile environment is not possible, no matter how many toxic disinfectants we will use. We can’t kill all the bacteria, viruses and microorganisms around us to be healthy. It is our responsibility to maintain a healthy immune system that can cope with current exposures.

This does not mean, however, to expose ourselves unnecessarily in crowded urban areas, not to wash our hands, or to walk barefoot through hospitals and public toilets … And it doesn’t mean to wash our house with chlorine and to panic when the child put a toy in her mouth… It means to live in symbiosis with an environment as natural and closer to the earth as possible. A child has more chances to get infected and become ill through repeated visits to the doctor, in hospitals and other very “artificial” environments, than if eating off the floor in her own house, playing in the mud, with the animals in the yard and eating unwashed fruit from the garden.


If the body is never allowed to feel physical discomfort, how will it teach you how to control it and overcome it? If, as a child, all the unpleasant symptoms caused by the disease are drastically reduced or suppressed with medication, how will you be able to go through any kind of ailment, even a cold, without resorting to medicines every time?

Alternative medicine has shown for thousands of years that the body is capable of healing, if given the chance and given the nutrients it needs. Nowadays, people die more often because they have taken too many drugs, than because they have not taken them! We need more education and less medication.

A child who will grow up with healthy foods and natural remedies, instead of being intoxicated with drugs, will have a much higher immunity, a much stronger disease resistance and will respond much better and faster to natural, non- toxic remedies. At the same time, the over-consumption of natural and conventional treatments is like using a crutch; whenever you are in imbalance the body will learn to ask for a “crutch”, without having to be able to recover alone, and in time it will become weaker.

As you can see, developing a healthy immune system is much more complex than taking “pills” or tinctures. Even if you have not had a good start  as a child, you can ennsure the reverse of many disorders related to the imbalance of the immune system, as long as you stop as many of the “blocking factors” and take as many beneficial actions.

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