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Health Programs - Metabolic Energy
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 by Iuliana P., Rep. Moldova
Finally feeling alive!

My interaction with Raluca started with a simple Google search, looking for answers about the correct supplementation with Vit D.
I was at a time when I was asking myself a lot of questions about my and my husband's health and from here I obviously started looking for some answers. I came across her website where I happily immersed myself into reading Raluca's articles, that are very focused on certain issues, consistently explained with solid arguments.
I totally resonated with her approach, I also read some testimonials, and that made me schedule the consultations. That's why I leave here my feedback as sincere as possible, having the confidence to help someone at a decision stage.
I was honestly glad that there are such people, who look at the problem as a whole, and properly understand the functioning of the immune system.
Raluca is the person who wants to see the big picture and puts puzzle pieces together; her recommendations are individual, since we are also genetically and biochemically unique.
Starting with finding our metabolic type, we changed our diet, then we did the hair tissue analysis and now follow a personalized supplementation program, meant to solve our nutritional deficiencies. Improving digestion and reducing bloating were among the first positive reactions I felt after changing my diet and introducing supplements. And my husband's dark eye rings disappeared and he had a more restful sleep.
We continued with the detox stage following some specific procedures, and we felt better and better each day. And that's wonderful. It's great to feel your power coming from within and you don't need toxic stimulants anymore to energize you.
I think that the attention you pay to your body and mind plays a big role here, to listen to the needs of your body and to be amazed at how it speaks to you.

I am very glad that you exist Raluca and through your mission you are helping people to be well, and we are among them.
Thank you very much !!

 by Liana P.
A New Approach to Health!

After a year of research and visits to doctors, I met Raluca. I discovered another world, I started to see another approach to the concept of healthy life and of course, to apply serious changes in my life, regarding what I eat, how I cook, where to shop, what detergents and cosmetics I use, what alternative therapies can be accessed.
Soon, I began to see the first changes.
After 2 years I still work with Raluca, because I have so much to learn from her!

Thank you very much for your patience, dedication, gentleness, professionalism and the multitude of things you share with me!
You changed my life, you opened my eyes and thank you again!

 by Marian S., France
A true professional!

I highly recommend Raluca?s health program and I greatly appreciate the professionalism, experience, and attitude with which she addresses each case, as well as the soul that she puts into everything she does. I should also mention the psychological support that she brings with each consultation, Raluca being an analytical, well documented, intelligent, cultivated and well-anchored person in the realities of the times.

 by Livia Butanoaia
A Quick Change in Energy!

I'm feeling very well!! I am slightly amazed; I was a bit skeptical of the supplements, because I took (not this complex combination, but I took supplements before) and did not notice any change. But now I feel great! Before I started Metabolic Typing supplements I was in a terrible state; now, easy, easy I got back in shape!
It mostly amazes me that now I have a mental clarity that I haven't had many times before! I was so productive at work !! So, I want to thank you!

 by Roxana F
Health Program

I found Raluca looking for more information about leaky gut. Throughout our collaboration I have greatly appreciated:

- The functional and integrative interpretation of blood and hair lab tests based on prevention
- The structured way of addressing each health problem (identifying the cause and then proposing a very personalized treatment plan)
- Recommendations related to nutrition (which fit my metabolic type) but also how to prepare everything as healthy as possible
- Recommending the best supplements (on the market as well as the most suitable for me)
- Easy communication and empathy

 by Diana Radoi, Bucharest, Romania
Raluca saved my life!

Raluca literally changed my life. I had and still have a number of health issues which practically demolished me in the past. Bleeding duodenal ulcer, various hormonal dysfunctions, POTS, GERD, miscarriage, blood clots and other related. Last summer I was desperate after the 3rd gastroscopy in 2015 and probably the 15th in the last 4 years?The Metabolic Typing Program, the food reactivity test, the natural supplements and, above all, Raluca?s professionalism and strong knowledge helped me recover a major part of my health.

I still have some issues, however now I can work, eat, sleep and feel hope?I am performing also DNA analysis, OAT and am still under her supervision as my case is a complicated one. But she never gives up. She always has an answer, an advice and a good word. She replaced tens and tens of drugs and doctors and became practically my trusted advisor and my friend. She proved so many times that all she wants is her patients to be healthier and to have access to high quality products, medical advices, blood tests and supplements. She is a source of everything that?s new in medicine, naturopathy, genetics. I always check her advices with my mother in law who is a general MD and she is astonished as most of the information is unavailable to the doctors or is the result of the latest medical studies.

I thank God for sending her in my life and for allowing her to help people. I sincerely hope everyone sees the value in her advice and the very good professional she is.

 by Relly N., Bucharest, Romania
Finally, a solution!

I met Raluca a few months ago, after...9 years of doctor visits, who couldn't do much for my child's situation with Lyme disease. Actually, tens of doctors. Tens of doctor visits to local hospitals and abroad. Hundreds of trials, hundreds of results. She was the first to finally understand what was happening with my child, and I couldn't believe it! There was hope! We modified the diet according to my child's metabolic type, we started a comprehensive protocol, and little by little, we obtain results! She taught us to eat healthier, to make the right food choices and rebalance. I finally met a patient, empathic human being, who is involved and wants to help! Thank you so much!

 by Bernard Chu ? Australia

Raluca is a very knowledgeable person and passionate to help. She is patient, talented and always exceeded my expectation in finding workable solutions to my health concerns. As soon as I followed Raluca?s recommendations, my health and energy level improved immediately. I now understand what foods are compatible to my metabolic type and how to better apply diet and nutrition in solving my health concerns.

 by Corina Stoica, Bucharest, Romania

An immediate result I?ve noticed after I started the Metabolic Typing program with Raluca was that I finally learned how to maximize my energy through the food I was taking in. Before, I thought it?s just normal to feel tired after a full meal!?But now I know how to connect my food intake with my reactions after meals, find out what didn?t work for me and this way to actually feel satisfied and still energetic after meals, as well as being in a good mood! It?s incredible how much food can influence somebody. Then the results on a long term basis are obvious. At the beginning of this program it was hard for me to admit that I wasn?t eating healthy, but soon enough I was able to acknowledge the superiority of this health concept and I gained trust in implementing it into my lifestyle.

 by Alina A. ? Bucharest, Romania

The spring of 2014, the last time I was in the doctor?s office I heard him telling me for the thousandth time that the miraculous treatment to my hormonal health problems were the ?Dukan diet and exercise?. I crashed. In that critical moment, where the allopathic medicine didn?t offer me intelligent answers, much less a real treatment, I met Raluca. She is a warm, empathic person ? ?been there, done that? ? but above all her personal qualities, Raluca is a professional, who gathered the necessary knowledge, abilities and instruments in order to reach a major objective: the harmony with your own body.

I followed (and I still am) the Metabolic Typing program, which helped me understand why is my body reacting the way it does to different foods, why all size fits all diets don?t work, how to determine deficiencies, imbalances and buildup toxicity, which appeared as signs to my illnesses. It?s a complex, long term process, which requires various resources, but also the capacity to totally rethink important life aspects?it?s worth it if you are aware of your and your family?s health benefits.

As I confessed to Raluca, although the results to my lab tests she recommended me revealed multiple imbalances and deficiencies, I was actually happy, because I finally understood the real causes to all my previous health problems and I finally found out there is a real solution.

Thank you Raluca?for the answers to the questions ?WHY? and ?HOW?.

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