Smoothie for Immunity and Gut Health: Delicious and Beneficial!

immunity smoothie

The Internet is full of recipes for “smoothies”, containing in my opinion, too many fruits and too few therapeutic ingredients. These drinks can bring us health benefits, if they contain the right ingredients, while being tasty.

Because I had several really special nutrients on hand, which were very beneficial for both the immune system, gastrointestinal system and antioxidant intake, I thought of combining them in what I called a “therapeutic smoothie”. The recipe is below:

1-2 teaspoons colostrum from the Sovereign
1 teaspoon organic powder mix of berries (predominantly aronia)
1/3 teaspoon matcha bio, from Japan
1 teaspoon acacia powder
1/3 Manuka honey or raw, organic honey

Filtered water or raw, organic milk or homemade almond milk, or coconut milk.

(optional) a small banana or avocado





But why are these ingredients so special and what exactly is their action on the body?

COLOSTRUM contains immunoglobulins that help the body fight bacteria, viruses and other antigens. Colostrum is also rich in lactoferrin, which reduces inflammation, binds to endotoxins, acts as a prebiotic and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut, acts to stimulate immune T cells, and increases natural white blood cells.

It also contains substances that help stimulate cell growth in the intestines and stimulate GcMAF, a factor for macrophage activation, essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and repair of damaged tissues. Colostrum also contains proline-rich polypeptides, which help the body fight against viral and bacterial infections, minimizing the effects of allergies and auto-immune processes.

BERRIES, especially red and purple ones, contain a high level of antioxidants, as well as polyphenols. Polyphenols work by enhancing the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines (such as the key species Akkermansia muciniphila) and by inhibiting the growth of pathogens, thus exerting prebiotic effects.

MATCHA is a powerful antioxidant with a high content of catechins with anticancer properties. It is also beneficial for supporting the immune system, improving recovery after exercise, increasing metabolism and decreasing fat deposits, lowering blood glucose levels. It has a detoxifying action due to the high chlorophyll content. Matcha plays a role in nourishing beneficial bacteria in the gut such as Akkermansia, and in addition it fights against pathogenic bacteria such as proteobacteria and Helicobacter pylori.

Matcha is said to induce a feeling of “calm and alert” due to the combination of L-theanine and caffeine. L-theanine is an amino acid that leads to a “relaxed alert” state and helps increase dopamine and GABA levels in the brain, beneficial in conditions such as anxiety.

Matcha has a high content of caffeine, but less than coffee, so if you’re sensitive you should avoid consumption. Although it contains high levels of L-theanine with a calming effect, it is better to consume matcha in moderation, especially if you have difficulty sleeping. Also, drinking green tea on an empty stomach can lead to stomach pain and nausea. It is best to consume matcha after a meal, or in combination with other more consistent ingredients such as in a smoothie.

ACACIA POWDER (acacia gum powder) is a soluble fiber with a prebiotic role, fermenting slowly, and stimulating the growth of healthy gut flora, especially Bifidobacteria. Clinical studies have shown that soluble fiber helps to calm and regulate motility, relieves abdominal pain and cramps by stabilizing intestinal contractions; mitigates both diarrhea and constipation.

MANUKA HONEY or RAW, ORGANIC HONEY. If we talk about authentic Manuka honey, it is already known that it offers special health benefits. It has a strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory role and it’s active for a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, supports the immune system and gastrointestinal health, is an antioxidant, reduces allergies and helps with restful sleep. Raw, organic, high quality honey also has similar benefits, at a much more reasonable price, although it does not contain the special compound of Manuka honey – methylglyoxal (MGO). This has been the most studied for its antimicrobial properties.

In conclusion, you can consume this smoothie both between meals and after breakfast having the guarantee of quality and tested benefits!


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