Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it.

– Seneca

My Personal Story.

Once upon a time, in a past life that seems now not to have been my own, I suffered from the “3 lows”:  low immunity, low vitality and low mood. No doctor could tell me why I had all those horrible recurrent symptoms that started in my childhood and how I could cure them. All conventional tests looked fine but I wasn’t feeling well at all.

It all started with low immunity from improper nutrition, overuse of antibiotics and other synthetic medicine, toxic lifestyle, increased inflammation. This was the perfect ground for developing recurrent Candidiasis. No drug in the world, synthetic or natural could cure this. Because the body’s terrain wasn’t balanced. So the fungus thrived.

On top of being extremely unpleasant, this type of infection also leads to low energy, sweet cravings, brain fog and low moods. I also suffered from severe sore throats, which were treated at that time with just more antibiotics. Eventually my digestive health was greatly affected and more infections followed, like Helicobacter Pylori. My hormones were all imbalanced affecting my general health even more, as well as my mental and emotional health. That was followed by gallbladder attacks so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed. And of course I used to also catch every cold and flu of the season. I was so young, but desperate.

After I turned 27 I promised myself I will do anything to regain my health for my own well being and that of my child. I didn’t want her to suffer as I did. My real health journey has begun, while being in the USA at that time. I was luckily pulled towards the right health information, the right teachers and mentors and I will be grateful for this my entire life.  As my health started to improve, it became clearer to me that this is what I was meant to do in this life – help people achieve real health just like I did. Sixteen years later, completely healed from all “mysterious” symptoms, I still believe that with all my heart!

My Credentials.

2009 – BA in Communication and Public Relations (College of Communications and Public Relations « David Ogilvy », Bucharest, Romania )

2008 – Clinical Nutritionist (Natural Healing Institute, Encinitas, CA, USA)

2010 – Metabolic Typing Advisor (Metabolic Typing Education Center, La Jolla, CA, USA)

2014 – “MT Coaching Success” course with Leigh Brandon , FDN, CMTA, HLC, CHEK practitioner

2015 –  “Functional Physiology, Biochemistry and Nutrition” course module 1 with dr. Bryan Walsh

2016 –  “MTHFR, Methylation & Biochemistry Master Course” module 1,2 & 3 with Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA

2016 – “Estrogen Metabolism and Methylation” course with Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA

2016 – “Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance Mastery Course” with Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA

2016 – “Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis” with Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA

2019 –  “Stool Analysis Masterclass & Meet Your Microbiome” with dr. Jason Hawrelak