Personalized NUTRITIONAL Program

Is This YOU?

> Confused about what foods are good for you.

> Your diet doesn’t help you heal; it actually makes matters worse or has no effect.

> Tired of trials and errors.

> Ready to find the only one diet you’ll ever need.

Find out what is the diet that really suits you!

  • Online test to determine the metabolic type.
  • Online consultations from the comfort of your location.
  • No loss of time and energy, no stress, no additional costs as for the walk-in clinic.

One man’s food is another man’s poison. Lucretius

What does a real nutrition plan mean?

Why are there so many “diets” on the nutritional market today? Why is there so much contradictory information? Why can you not finally see for yourself what foods and nutrients your body really needs?

Because we are all different at the biochemical level as we are on our fingerprints. What works for a person may not work for you and may even hurt a third person.

Immediate benefits noticed after following the Metabolic Typing® nutrition plan:

  • Controlling sweet cravings
  • Eliminate hunger between meals, increase satiety
  • Weight control
  • Balancing mood and blood glucose
  • Enhanced physical energy and mental clarity

In the long term, this program is an effective “tool” that can be used in many ways to ensure the healing of the body. This ensures the reversal and prevention of common and chronic diseases, as well as stopping premature aging.

How does it work?

  • Fill in the Metabolic Typing® questionnaire to determine your metabolic type.
  • Receive your results and additional documentation by email
  • Schedule your consultations for specialized support in implementing the nutritional program
  • Receive specific recommendations for proper procurement and preparation of meals, menu ideas for your metabolic type.
  • Receive specific recommendations for supplement use and lifestyle.

Do you want to be healthier? You can start now!

Metabolic Typing® Personalized Nutritional Program

  • Online Metabolic Typing testing
  • Personalized nutritional plan
  • Recommendations for procuring healthy ingredients and cooking meals according to you metabolic type
  • Specific supplementation recommendations, diet check record, various documentation related to your metabolic type and to your health
  • Analysis of your health profile to determine priorities for healing 
  • 2 online consultations & online email communication

Price: 235 EUR

Price does not include your required supplements which are all individual! Price doesn’t include optional lab tests!