Organic Acids Test

It includes 74 metabolites which can be useful in finding hidden causes of chronic ailments.

Persons who used information from this test in their complete healing program reported elimination of fatigue, improvement of gastro-intestinal function, increased energy, better concentration, reduced speech problems and reduced hyperactivity.

What you should know:

  • A lot of people with chronic and neurobiologic illneses excrete more organic acids with abnormal values.
  • The organic acids test offers a precise vision about what is happening in the body.

It offers the most precise and complete evaluation of:

  • fungal and bacterial intestinal infections
  • valuable information about neurotransmitters
  • nutritional markers
  • gluthatione status
  • oxalate metabolism and more.

This service includes lab test at Great Plains, USA , interpretation and one consultation.

For a complete and efficient healing protocol it is recommended to also purchase the Metabolic Typing program.

Price: 350 EUR