?One man?s food is another one?s poison? ? Lucretius
How would you define ?HEALTH??

Reality is that these days people happily fool themselves into thinking they are healthy because they are free from a serious illness. People then wonder why they cannot get into shape or have a great energy all the time, because they are ?healthy enough?. People hardly ever say they are unhealthy. Instead, they mostly say something like:

?Oh, I think I?m healthy enough, I eat my vegetables?Yeah, except I have this asthma problem and my allergies bother me sometimes?but otherwise I?m fine?Oh, yeah, and I came down with a few colds this past winter and had a nasty infection at one point, but the weather played crazy this year?? etc, etc...

Sounds familiar? Watch the below video to find out the hidden truth that makes so much sense when it comes to our HEALTH:


Why are so many diets on the market today? Why is there so much contradictory information? Why can?t you finally figure out what foods your body really needs?

Because we are all so different on a biochemical level as we are in our fingerprints. What might work for one person, might not work for another and might make a third person feel worse.

Metabolic Typing? is a revolutionary and innovative approach to health that is based on metabolic individuality, on balancing biochemistries and developing highly personalized diet plans that fit each individual, on a physiological and biochemical level. This is NO fad diet. It evolved through ground breaking developments of renowned, top researchers and doctors in the natural health field, over the past 80 years.

Watch this eye opening video about Metabolic Typing, give it a try and see for yourself!

This complex program addresses all existent imbalances in the body?s Fundamental Homeostatic Control Systems.
Here are a few of the Metabolic Typing??s principles, as stated by William Wolcott, founder of the Healthexcel System for Metabolic Typing?:

  • One?s biochemical individuality dictates one?s needs for nutrition
  • The basis for nutritional needs is based in one?s genes, not in some philosophy or belief
  • Different nutrients affect different people in different ways
  • How nutrients affect one?s body chemistry, depends on the dominant system in the body: autonomic or oxidative
  • Based on this concept, there are 9 basic metabolic types, derived from combinations of the sympathetic, balanced and parasympathetic autonomic types and the slow, mixed and fast oxidative types.
  • With the addition of the endocrine types, adrenal, pituitary, thyroid and gonad, 36 variations are possible
  • Within each of the 36 types, there are variations in balance and efficiency which may be anywhere from slight to extreme
  • Health and well-being depend on the rate, amount and quality of energy production in the body, which in turn are dependent on the fuel available through diet and supplementation
  • In order to know what food and supplements supply a correct source of fuel, one must first identify one?s unique and specific metabolic needs
  • Once the metabolic type is determined, then one can know which foods are correct, and just as importantly, which foods are incorrect, for one?s metabolic needs.

Food has the power to heal. But it also has the power to make you ill if it is wrong for your metabolism. It is not only what you eat, it is also in what proportions you consume your macro-nutrients ( proteins, fats, and carbohydrates ) that will allow you to maximize your energy, control your weight and reach optimal health.

Each individual is designed to function as a protein type (with higher amounts of proteins and fats), a carb type(with higher amounts of carbs and less protein and fats) or a mixed / balanced type (with combinations somewhere between carb and protein type groups).

With the help of the unique Healthexcel online testing you can end your confusion and the guessing game about what is really healthy for you. For more information about the Metabolic Typing? programs please click here.

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