Heavy Metal Toxicity.

The?Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?(HTMA)?is an insightful and accurate lab testing that will reveal important information about your health, about ?problematic? areas in your body and first of all about the levels of toxic?heavy metals?you store, as well as levels of ?good minerals? in your body. A HTMA reveals a unique metabolic world:?intracellular activity, which cannot be seen through most other tests like urine or blood.

Many people in modern societies are continuously exposed to high concentrations of?heavy metals. Unfortunately, these toxic contaminants have become an integral part of our industrialized culture. Metals like aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury are commonly found in thousands of different food products, household products, personal products and untold numbers of industrial products and chemicals.

The?Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?is a non-expensive, easy to do test and also very unique because it reveals what the body has mobilized into tissues over a 3-4 month period and more importantly ? if the body is not moving metals.

Heavy metals?accumulate in vital tissues (brain, bone, liver, etc), disrupt organ function, displace nutritional minerals from sites of biological activity, disrupt enzymatic activity and create biochemical imbalance.

That is why symptoms of?iron deficiency?can be present long before low iron levels can be detected in the serum. And that is why?calcium loss?from the body can become so advanced that severe osteoporosis can develop without any appreciable changes noted in the calcium levels in a blood test.

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