Glucuronidation: Essential In Detoxification of Toxins and Hormones.



The liver is one of the most overburdened organs in the body of the modern man. It works non-stop and makes a considerably effort filtering toxins, synthesizing bile, cholesterol and amino acids. Every 3 minutes the liver filters out all the blood in the body! Even if you do not consume alcohol, smoke, eat processed foods, medicines and do not use personal hygiene products with synthetic chemicals, you are still exposed to a considerable amount of toxins in the environment. If you also do the things mentioned, you can be sure that your liver is overloaded.

In addition, there are toxic substances created in the body, which come from intestinal toxins (generated by bacteria, parasites, fungi), hormones, bile acids and metabolic intermediates.

Common symptoms such as migraines, fatigue, weakness, muscle or joint pain, hormonal disorders, irritable bowel syndrome or weight gain can all be based on an inability of the body to effectively detoxify. If they are ignored or not properly resolved, then the diseases appear, including: diabetes, cancer, infertility, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergies. All this is related to the impossibility of correct neutralization and elimination of toxins from the body.

What Is Glucuronidation?

One of the processes by which the body removes toxins is called conjugation and happens in phase 2 of liver detoxification. During conjugation, toxins are transformed into water-soluble compounds in a process called glucuronidation. Through this process glucuronic acid is coupled with numerous drugs, hormones, bilirubin, pollutants and bile acids, and these will pass through the liver, feces and intestines for excretion.

Beta-glucuronidase is an enzyme with a pivotal role in digestion, especially in the metabolism of compounds such as complex carbohydrates, detoxification of estrogen, thyroid hormones and environmental toxins. If the level of this enzyme is too high then the process of glucuronidation is inhibited and hormones such as estrogen and toxins can be reabsorbed into the body, causing fatigue, hormonal imbalances and other metabolic dysfunctions mentioned above. Many people follow hormonal treatments (synthetic or bioidentical) without solving the real cause of the problem, which is actually the inability of the body to properly detoxify! Worse, a high level of this enzyme in the long term can lead to other health problems such as increased risk of cancer, especially breast, prostate and colon.

Why does this enzyme level increase? If your diet is processed, toxic or inadequate for your metabolism and if you are exposed to high levels of toxins as well as alcohol, then the risk of a disorder is quite high. A high level of beta-glucuronidase is also an indication that there are dysfunctions in the digestive system and infections with pathogens such as Candida and bacteria. If these aspects, which underlie both metabolic dysfunctions and negative symptoms, are ignored then how could real and lasting healing be achieved?

How Do You Know If You Have a High Level Of Beta-glucuronidase and What You Can Do To Normalize the Situation?

The information about the level of beta-glucuronidase is essential in restoring liver function, contributes to hormonal balance and ensures proper detoxification. With the help of a revolutionary DNA test from stool samples, we can find out both the beta-glucuronidase level and many other essential data about the state of the gastrointestinal system. Calcium D-Glucarate contributes to the restoration of a normal level of beta-glucuronidase and an efficient detoxification process. Silymarin also has a protective, antioxidant and liver regenerating role and is recommended in these situations. Although they contribute to lowering beta-glucuronidase levels, it is essential to eliminate the real causes that have led to its increase, such as intestinal infections, dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome and other biochemical dysfunctions. These actions must always be supported by the follow-up of unprocessed nutrition, that fits each type of metabolism.


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