Face Moisturizer: Absolutely Necessary?

face moisturizerAfter 25 years of using face moisturizer every day, twice a day, I would never have imagined I could live without it! But, it seems that I can and I’m beginning to convince myself more and more this is really beneficial! The only things I use now are raw, organic honey for face masks and sometimes small amounts of organic argan oil only on certain areas of the face, usually in winter. In summer I use sometimes coconut oil for sun protection.

How did it all start? For several years I used organic, natural creams, then switched to different oils that I combined, because I wanted to avoid the fillers and often additional, questionable ingredients, even the “organic” ones sometimes contained. Eventually, I was too tired because I never found the quality I was looking for, at reasonable prices. Last year I started using honey masks and I liked how smooth and hydrated my face felt afterwards. It seemed like I didn’t really need anything else to apply after this. Then I came across some logical information, such as on the Clear Skin Forever site, which explains how most creams interfere with our skin’s ability to produce natural, protective oils (sebum) and they actually clog pores and more.

One of the most common problems is the appearance of acne and this can even be worsened by the application of an excess of creams and oils. We must always solve the real causes for which acne occurs and these can be: incorrect nutrition, inflammation, toxicity, hormonal imbalances, lipid peroxidation, glycemic problems, nutritional deficiencies, stress, leaky gut syndrome, gastrointestinal infections, food reactivities, lack of sleep.

Because I have a strong belief that skin health and beauty are directly related to our inner health and nutrition first and only second to what we put on it, I gave it a try. In the first days without cream I felt a little discomfort and after washing my face, the skin felt a bit dry… But I resisted the urge to “oil it up” and in a short time the skin regained its elasticity and natural moisture. I also noticed that monthly hormonal fluctuations can affect the level of dryness, brightness and elasticity. So, another confirmation that everything comes from the “inside”, really… I’m happy now that I got rid of all the time spent searching for the “perfect cream” and saved money in this process. I am sure there are many other natural, low-cost ingredients that I will research in the future and that we can use for our face and, of course, they are different for everyone, just like diets!

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