Antiviral Kit ~ top herbal antivirals, nutrients and actions to help you stay healthy during the season’s “Viral Attack”~

No matter where you are now with the state of your health, the recommendations below will benefit you, so stock up on healthy immune-boosting-“goodies” and make other necessary changes for an infection-free season!

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autoimmune hashimoto

Autoimmune Hashimoto Thyroiditis and Hypothyroidism.

 Handbook for a Natural, Integrative and Functional Approach To Healing.

The number of thyroid and autoimmune disorders is steadily growing – a common phenomenon in most modern societies. But have you ever thought that the information you receive and the type of treatment for thyroid and / or autoimmune diseases are not enough or effective? In addition, how can you consider a treatment to be effective if your condition is just as bad and / or new negative symptoms appear in other body systems?

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Personalized Nutrition Through Metabolic Typing®.

This ebook aims to explain why there is no one-size-fits all aproach when it
comes to nutrition, and how our metabolic individuality dictates our individual
nutritional requirements. “Diets” meant to work for everyone are often set to
fail, because they don’t meet the unique, genetic and biochemical requirements
of each individual. The current confusion in the field of nutrition can be simply
solved by determining the specific diet for each metabolism through Metabolic

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