Is Your Health Practitioner A True Healer?

true healer, questioning doctor


How do you determine if your doctor or any other health practitioner you are seeing is a true healer? How do you know if he/she has your own well being at his/ her highest interest?

Many today’s so-called “healers” are preoccupied by keeping their business and clientele, while watching fearful over their shoulder at the questioning eye of Big Pharma and stressing about insurance companies. Too many papers to read about the latest synthetic, symptom suppressing drugs and way too little time to learn about how to rebuild true health. No time for patients, actually. Five to fifteen minutes at the most. Enough to write a prescription while looking at the next patient in line.

But of course we also have now a wide range of naturopaths and other natural health practitioners that claim to offer a totally different alternative of healing. Are they truthful? Some of them are. Some jumped from an allopathic model to an alternative one by just exchanging synthetic substances with natural ones. A step forward, of course. But still far away from what true healing really means.

And then comes the money aspect. And the fame. And the TV and radio shows! And huge Facebook audiences. But guess what? All of a sudden their practice is a business that needs to make profit first, and then take care of patients.

“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the person who has the disease.” William Osler, Founding Professor, Johns Hopkins Hospital.

So what is a true healer then? Gratefully, I met and learned from exceptional healers, doctors and teachers, who helped me understand the real meaning of health. So, I believe a true healer should:

  • offer the most effective, natural and integrative healing solution to his/her patient, where true healing as the ultimate goal, not covering up symptoms.

  • take the time and provide all the necessary information that the patient needs to educate himself, so he can be his own healer one day.

  • be able to empower, mentor and inspire his/ her patient, not make him dependent for life. People who keep coming to their doctors routinely with new health problems each time and no improvement in their health, are definitely not healing themselves.

  • continuously invest in his/ her own education, in order to stay up-to-date with the latest and best healing practices.

  • keep intact integrity; he/she shouldn’t compromise for the sake of any drug / supplement / insurance company just to stay in business. That is not a true healer, but a business man first.

  • never take in a big amount of patients or more than he/she could handle. (All my consultations take an hour long on average, to be able to go over every detail necessary, so you can imagine that we are talking quality here, not quantity!)

  • see in collaborative work with other practitioners a way to benefit the ultimate goal of true healing first, not a threat to his/ her personal ego.

  • always offer some education for free because education means less medication for everybody!


Idealistic? Hopefully one day it won’t be anymore. I believe building a “health community” is much more important, rather than a “health business”. At the end of the day, the “healer” needs to have peace of mind that he/she did the right thing for the people that trusted him/her to help them achieve good health. Your health is your most precious thing for you and the ones around you. And I believe it deserves a lot of attention and more than “compromises”. Don’t you?

raluca schachter

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