Intrari dupa Raluca Schachter

Glucuronidarea: esentiala in detoxifierea toxinelor si hormonilor.

  Ficatul este unul din organele cele mai solicitate in organismul omului modern. Lucreaza non-stop si depune un efort enorm. Este ?aspiratorul? circuitului sanguin, filtrand toxine, sintetizand bila, colesterol si amino acizi. La fiecare 3 minute ficatul filtreaza tot sangele din organism! Chiar daca nu consumi alcool, nu fumezi, nu consumi alimente procesate, medicamente si […]

Are Grains Good or Bad?

Grains became one of the hot topics today in the nutritional and natural health world. People don?t understand how come a food that their whole family used to eat for so long became ?bad? all of a sudden. Reality is that problems like gluten sensitivities, obesity and celiac disease are on the rise and directly […]

Antioxidants: Do We Need Them?

For sure the word ?antioxidant? is now used by everyone who is intensively and curiously looking for natural methods of healing, as well as by those who are looking for a panacea to heal the multitude of ailments they experience. This way we can find today a huge variety of precious antioxidants, sold in various […]